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Dr. Haberstroh provides veterinary care in the comfort of your home including complete physical examinations; medical therapy; vaccinations; vaccination titer, allergy, CBC, serum chemistry, thyroid, cytology, and laboratory testing; behavioral support; and provide referral services to conventional and specialty practices as indicated.

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The foundation of your pet's health is a nutritious diet. We provide sound advice for dietary and nutritional support based on your individual pet's needs. By measuring serum levels, we are able to ensure that the diet is providing adequate vitamin D to your pet, ensuring optimal immune support, bone health, and cancer prevention.

Acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain, balance organ dysfunction, and correct other health issues. Cats and dogs that receive acupuncture therapy in their own homes are able to relax and recover from their orthopedic issues without the stress of travel.

Herbal therapy offers an alternative option for medical care; preceded by an acupuncture treatment to prolong acupuncture's beneficial effects. Some patients improve with the herbal approach as it can have fewer side effects and is less suppressive to the immune system.

Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life of your pet. Holistic cancer therapies can support immune function, appetite, mood, energy level, and enhance our patient's overall well-being. They can be paired with radiation and chemotherapy, or in some cases, can be used as an alternative. We can help to adjust your pet's lifestyle by early detection practices.

Laser therapy can reduce pain and inflammation and catalyze tissue healing via photochemical effects on the cells treated. It is useful for a variety of conditions including injuries, arthritis, skin disease, wound healing, and post-operative surgical healing.

Because our pets are our family, we understand the sad reality of end of life decisions. We provide home care, supportive treatments, advice, and love to help with this process. We provide in-home euthanasia when needed and can help with decision on aftercare.

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